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It is down to the lighting to turn a moment of relaxation or a dinner into a memorable experience.

Our table lighting selection is an impeccable combination of technology and design. The candles we propose come in a variety of shapes, scents and gradations. Just that tad of extra elegance to infuse your ambience with the atmosphere for which you really wish. No magic is made without room perfumery, filling every space with the fragrances of your liking.

Scents & Ambient Fragrances

Scents & Ambient Fragrances

Perfume has the extraordinary power to define a personality, whether it is that of an individual or an environment. As such, it is important to choose the scent that best suits the style and the unique identity of an interior. In addition to spreading your favourite fragrances, our room perfumers make for original accessories, with their refined shapes and quality materials that preserve the essences they enshrine. 

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Scented Candles

Scented Candles

Our collections of preciously scented candles are characterised by an evocative blend of exquisite essences and natural oils. The charm of candlelight moments meets the best manufacture: each candle is handcrafted in a refined and hand-cut decorative vase. A genuine seal of high craftsmanship that embellishes every room, skillfully combining quality, exclusive fragrances and luxury aesthetics.


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