Ideas, imagination and creativity are our lifeblood. We allow ourselves the privilege of being ceaselessly amazed, inspired and flabbergasted. We are curious and enthusiastic people, constantly on a hunt for new trends and opportunities to create something unique to share with our clients.

For the past 30 years we have collaborated with highbrow clients with beyond high expectations. We are ritual narrators and storytellers. We provide high class hotels and restaurants with personalised ideas and solutions that we then concretise into tailored objects and accessories; innovative, beautiful and, why not, also handmade.

MadeAmano is our quality label, for age-old knowledge and manual skill are so important to us that we rely on both to attain incredible results. We call our products and partners by name because we strive to fully immerse ourselves in each product and each person we work with. Hence, we collaborate with the most talented masters of the “Made in Italy”: our skilled artisans.

Heart and brain are our engines: passion drives us, while our intellect guides our best decisions. Our thoughts revolve around the facilities and owners we care for. We maintain meaningful relationships with our clients to share ideas and facilitate the development of a sustainable and appreciative tourism based on our commitment to unique objects.

We are a smart and vigilant team, composed of a range of diverse minds and united by a common desire to turn the wishes of our clients into our creative projects. We are in love with life and with our profession. We are excited by the prospect of every new project that engages us and makes us proud of what we do and how we do it.

This is what we are: PRIMA, the creative atelier for tailor-made, unique objects and handmade decor in the upscale hotel and restaurant industry.

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+39 0471 637524

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